Hello everybody! TheArcadeStriker here, and this time I’m going to introduce my new series of reviews: Striker’s Retrospective! In these, I will be reviewing a lot of games (there may be few exceptions in the future) with several points explained, like my first impressions, personal aspect, the game overview my final objective & personal veredict on the game and maybe some more. On the explantation of how this system works:

Introduction: A…introduction (how did you guess) about the game: What it is about, the type of game it is, and pretty much whatever information there is about it. This should give a idea of how the game SEEMS or should be about.

First Impressions: What I personally thought the first time I saw and tried the game. It may include stuff like it’s setup (most of the time, and this one will be considered with the year where the game was released), the first things you see with the start of the game, and how my first experience was with playing the game.

Personal Aspects: What did I like or not like about the game, the things I saw with it, and overall, how I experienced myself the game and what I think about it. This is a PERSONAL opinion, so that means that there may be unpopular opinions here (maybe).

Game Overview: An more fleshed out review of what the game has to offer, minding objectively the actual features and functionality of the game, along with the ideas it has and comparing them overall with how it’s made and how it should be.

Quick Breakdown: A quick rundown about the fundamental aspects of a game: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Stability, Features; and about the specific quirks of aspects of a specific game, either extraneous or important.

Final Veredicts:

Objective:  The final opinion about how this game is in a objective manner: How actually the game seems to be made, how it stands up and what makes it either good or bad through the analysis given.

Personal: What I personally conclude about everything the game has to offer: What I personally think and consider about the game, with my tastes and experiences about the game taken in account.


Now, hopefully all this goes right and that with these series of reviews, I can tell my personal experiences and thoughts about a game, as well as a idea about the game proper quality. I will be currently doing one, but until then…see ya later!